About Me

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I along with my Mother take care of this site.

I started blogging just now. I have been in a learning phase for a long time before I realised all
the time was passing by. I was also a victim of what others say as the ‘shiny object’ syndrome,
I simply went on from one course to the next. Always it seemed like the other side is greener. I
could not see it coming to an end. Unlike physical strength when you practice any excercise
the learning experience never stops. This delay is also coupled with your ability to take action.
If you have a ‘starting trouble’ like me, if you do not start ‘NOW’ to take action to build on it as
you go, then you have a fair chance to fail miserably in the online space.

I just needed to start with a single training, any one of my choice and take consistent action. I
realised, this is the key to any form of online success.

I am health conscious. I like different types of food varieties, and also football very much. I like
to be part of both food for its taste / procedures, and football as a right back / right forward
positions that I like to play, not much to watch different teams play but only the strategy /
technique to score goals.

I also like magnets very much. Just the way they attract or repel.

I also love mother nature very much.

Anyways you have an awesome online experience.

I surrender all at my Sadgurudev’s feet.