Ourselves – Our Componets


Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

Nothing is Impossible! Impossible is Nothing! Impossible is Possible!

‘Nothing’ means you are ‘all in’ (that which you are focused on right now). With your Focus in place, nothing else is possible.

1. Components of a Human Being

We are human beings. We are able to read these lines naturally with some learning in place. Reading comes to us naturally as we come to understand the grammar of the language. We as human beings have the faculty of analysing ourselves apart from understanding words, sentences and contexts. Analysis is one of the reasons we differ from most of the birds, animals, plants, and sea living creatures that inhabit our planet earth. Analysis is just one of the faculties that are present in our bag of gifts that we were given at birth and continues with us all till our death (body is recycled to Earth). At birth, we are not mature enough to do analysis most of the time as it is a starting point to learn new things and we are innocent too, but till death and during death it serves as possibly one of the main tools that a person uses to ponder on something or the other that he / she had experienced in his / her life. Analysis is to comprehend the whole of a set of thoughts just ordered in a specific way.
An experience is to comprehend a sequence of events and thoughts in time that mean something with a subjective value added uniquely by the person who expereinces the event(s) and assimilates the results. This becomes unique to the person called as the context (of experience).
In the experiences of life, we are confronted with the good and bad of things that are embedded as part of the experience. These experiences are what makes us unique of our personality. Our personality consists of our whole body, including the grey matter, heart and a few entities not visible to the naked eye or medical instruments. These invisible entities are our Ego, Intellect, Mind and Soul. They are there somwhere in us.
The Soul is the entity that carries the impressions as we experience life in its journey to become free once and for all. Till the time it isn’t free, it is bound to take birth again and again and again. For the soul it is just a journey during the lifespan that the body lives on earth. Essentially, the soul is the central point to which ego, intellect, mind and body tie together and orchestrate into a unique single unit for every individual, to give us learning experiences throughout our lifespan.
Further, the mind takes stock of the five senses when they function. If the mind is not there it is not possible for us to understand signals that come through the senses. The signals from the five senses are recognized as either incoming to us or outgoing from us. The incoming ones are sound (ear), smell (nose), taste (tougue), feel (skin), and sight (eyes). The inputs from the senses in the form of specific experience that go to a thought are interpreted by the mind. The senses become active as we become conscious of the environment around us, for example when we wake up in the morning or during sleep. For outgoing, there are few more considered as organs of action.
We understand, and feel the experiences that happen between people, place and things. This happens by communication and engages us between them (either people, place and / or things). We express our feelings of love and / or hate for these during this process. As a result we are either in a tight or light coupling with them resulting in strong or weak engagements with them.
Repetitions – loops of likes and dislikes
A desire originates from the impressions on the soul – past, present or future. Based on the desire our thoughts bubble up in our mind and gets organized in the mind. Some of them are so foreign to us that we wonder how they got there in the first place.
Either you like an experience or dislike them, you focus on only one of them. The focus solidifies the end that you want to achieve and traverses your thoughts with the intention of achieving what you started with, comparing with previous thoughts and re-living based on past experiences, or rebuilding the new experience and registering it for further reference. The traversal is a sequence of thoughts or repetitive loops of sequences of thoughts. Achieving the end is relative to the individuals past and present experiences and how focused he / she is.
We all have goals. But to reach a goal some end point for that small undertaking must be clearly defined in mind. Then we make it happen. Sometimes we reach and then know that is not what we wanted. Goals are end points of what we want to experience. With the faculty of imagination it is possible to vividly visualize the end point. Anybody can try at it and some success is assured if not complete. Even when completely visualized it is possible that an individual not reach the end point. That’s why when you have a goal and that too clearly visualized it is as good as already experienced. According to experts, for all practical purposes, the mind cannot differentiate the experience or the event vividly visualized from a real occurance. The focus preceeds such imagination stream and then you proceed to achieve the end experience of the goal.
Vibrations / frequencies
Every thought we have is a unique pattern of complex signal operating at a certain speed, like electrical pulses processed by a computer, that jump between neurons creating neural pathways as scientists say. A human mind along with the complexity of the senses that it controls, creates the required thoughts and stirs the mind. If you ideally compare the mind with a still and clear pond, the mind becomes a muddy pond. There are other countless thoughts that are present in the mind at any moment. Mind is an entity without which the understanding of a thought is not possible. Mind is material and non-material both at the same time. It is a link between the two.
A complex pattern of the same order might be possible to be built using a computer but the feelings associated with that thought, and the experience given by the feelings is not possible at all as it closely has to work with the entities of the soul, ego, mind and the senses that make you feel something in You in a contextual and subjective manner. Thoughts are not just a series of signals alone as there is a meaning associated with the signals interpreted uniquely by the (subjective) individual. Mind seems to co-ordinate closely with the grey matter and the heart on physical level controlling all the sub-conscious and conscious routines of the body as well.
We name a child after birth and associate the uniqueness of the child with the same. Ego or selfishness is what is built on an individual from childhood. This happens because the first thing we want to take care of is our own body. We want our body to be healthy and functional. When we call by name we usually respond and associate with the ego we have.
Assertion of focus with what you want, daily (in sync with life purpose)
I tend to do what I (ego) desire. The desire generates a lot of thoughts in the mind. The desire is our input to focus for action. We tend to be propelled by it. When we are focused we assert ourselves so as to achieve the goal.
When we focus we (ego) engage ourselves into the experience. If we do not focus and observe the thoughts as an outsider the thoughts are incoherent like ordinary light but when the thoughts are focused they are like laser completely coherent. Our focus produces the results we desire relatively faster in comparison to jumping onto random thoughts not related to what our end result is.

2. Gratitude and Let go

Gratitude (Analysis)
When we seek to achieve goal the only thing that comes to hinder our path is our deviation into other thoughts that seem to us to be more important than what we are working on. Why does it happen? Because we latch onto hate, blame, dislike etcetra and get into a repetitive loop that keeps us happy / unhappy ego-wise. We think ill about the people, things, place etc… and relive the bad experiences again and again and again doing that which we should have avoided in the first place. It doesn’t get you anywhere near the end you sought.
Let go (Analysis)
One of the best tools for focusing is let go. It helps the chain of thoughts that let you achieve your goal to remain and continue as a chain, a logical sequence, rather than loops that lets you loose focus instead. It might get a while to get reconnected to the goal seeking focus again but the moment you loose focus and become aware that you have lost, think gratitude and let go. These are the best freinds to let you come back on track and let you drive your way ahead. You will surely be on or before time to your goal / destination.
At End Practice
You must practice this daily. As they say ‘Practice makes you perfect’, the more you follow the art of Gratitude and Let go, you will see a visible change in yourself, your house, in your surroundings, in the people you interact, serving as a litmus test of sorts to keep you focused on your goal. Gratitude is a real mechanism (of practice) that let you move from a state of limitation into a state of abundance smoothly.
Don’t get overwhelmed – do one thing at a time and keep overwhelm at bay.
When we are focused we tend to have a logical flow of thoughts as we observed above. But when we focus we cannot keep at bay on other thoughts that disturb us, claiming priority over what we are currently doing. This would help us to deviate a bit temporarily to that important priority work and we have a good chance to deviate. We cannot in practice be not disturbed by other higher priority things often. The better we organize our day and plan, the more we stay focused. The moment we deviate we analyse ourselves for gratitude in that situation where we deviate and let go any offending thought that wants us to hold onto it and not let us achieve our goal.

Important affirmations that I follow:

We must keep a habit of Meditation. Indian Yoga system suggests the practice of Yoga and Mediatation for keeping the body and mind in good condition. Meditation is defined as a flow of thoughts similar to the continuous flow of oil when you pour oil in a vessel. The following private affirmations do help me during my meditations. I sincerely try and offer my best on a regular basis:
1. Everyday, in everyway, everyone helps me to get better and better and better.
2. There is no event in the universe to disturb me as a soul.
3. I draw infinite energy from the source.
4. I accept responsibility of what I am with my experiences now.
5. I have the gratitude for the past – what was, present – what is and the future – what is going to be.
6. I forgive all the elements that hold me back and let go all the experiences along with the elements that hold me back!
Wherever I have used We / I in the whole article it refers and means the Ego (selfish component of us) that every one of us have.

3. Conclusions

When I look at some ants they are so tiny and when I look at other human beings from up above say a sky-scraper or flight everyone underneath looks so tiny. When I look at Earth it is so vast with so many oceans, land mass, and life on it, and in comparison to the solar system our Earth is very small in size (the size of a fullstop on a football) in comparison to the Sun alone. When I look at the universe, our Solar system is a tiny part of a galaxy (called milky way) and there are don’t know how many galaxies in the Universe. Just comprehend your size as a human (so so so tiny..) relative to the size of our system we live in.
Understand our physical size in the scheme of things of the universe. We are a tiny bit, but when we talk about our Ego we grow it bigger and keep it that way than our universe / our system we live in. Ego is like a rock tied about your head that can grow. If you let it grow enormous over time you are bound to fall due to its weight itself rather than let you go ahead in life. Let us keep our Ego within limits to be helpful to us, so that we do not forget Gratitude that we owe to everything around us and Let go to forgive everything around us in order for us to focus and continue on our goals instead of stealthy loops or deviations, to have a peaceful life on mother Earth. You are not alone, there are countless other inputs from outside that let you succeed. Be aware of them and don’t overlook or underestimate them. When you achieve something as a result of focus you have something tangible based on which you can take a call.
Let us make a successful day everyday. We think we just got one life and keep doing mistakes and good things as if no one cares beyond our lifespan. I do not agree at all. There is life before birth and after death. I do believe in it. I sincerely hope Gratitude and Let go are important tools to our rescue during times of crisis in our current life. And the most important of all – never loose focus on your purpose.

Notes on Sadgurudev:

If we have someone who could hold our hands and guide us based on our past births and future lives that would be a great awesome someone. A person who has seen all, known all, and expereinced all.
We all must search and have someone very unique who can keep us oriented, who understands our past life and the future ones, and where our journey shall end finally as a Soul so as to recognize a purpose and end the search. For example, our lives could be compared to rivers and our final end points to meeting of these rivers in the mighty Sea. Only then there won’t be any more births. I hope it is possible to understand the illustration.
To have a Sadgurudev is the highest form of search to end the meta-search of the mind, to whom I bow down in undevided-surrender.

Goodluck to all!

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